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Canada's Story-Book Two, The Struggle for a Continent

PageNo: 149

Canada's Story-Book Two, The Struggle for a Continent
by Robert J. Foley    « View this author's BIO

The devastating attack on Huronia broke the will of the Hurons and they ceased to be a cohesive nation. Some fled west and north begging their Petun neighbours to take them in. Many, under the guidance of the Jesuits, settled on St. Joseph's Island at the tip of Nottawasaga Bay. The missionaries moved all their possessions from Ste. Marie including surplus stocks of corn and vegetables before setting fire to the buildings.
The Huron settlement on St. Joseph's Island seemed ideal for the refugees that had survived the Iroquois onslaught. The Jesuits had moved all their supplies and livestock to the island and confidently predicted that they could keep the settlement going for at least three years if not longer.
All the good fathers' help would be needed if the remnants of the once mighty Huron nation were to survive. The Hurons had lost all energy and initiative and the Jesuits found them living on acorns and garlic on their arrival at St. Joseph's. There were plenty of fish in the bay, but the Hurons had few boats and no new ones were under construction.

If you enjoyed the CBC series, Canada-A People's History, you will love this 8.5 x 11, fully illustrated book on the history of Canada. A must read for all Canadians!
With the destruction of the Hurons in 1649 the balance of power in Canada shifted dramatically. The Iroquois ranged freely over the St. Lawrence Valley shutting off, for a time, the life's blood of Canada, the Fur Trade. Despite this, Canadians struck out into the unknown to reveal the expanse of a Continent.
Canada Story, Book Two reverberates with the fortitude of great explorers such as La Salle and La Verendrye. At home too was the courage of Canadians who defended their homes against overwhelming odds. The names of Adam Dollard, Sieur des Ormeaux and the petite Madeleine de Verchères echo down through the annals of Canadian history.
This era in Canadian history also saw the beginnings of the Great Struggle for control of the North American continent. France claimed everything west of the Allegheny mountains and it was Canadians who enforced their sovereignty over the vast territory from Quebec to New Orleans. We will meet the man who, more than anyone since Champlain, helped shape this country, Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac.

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