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Web of Injustice Between Borders (Soft cover)

PageNo: 174

Web of Injustice Between Borders (Soft cover)
by Boniface Idziak    « View this author's BIO

“I’m the Postal Inspector,” he said.
I purposely asked, “Where’s the Postal Inspector who came to Canada to serve a subpoena on me in the Canadian Sault Court House? The Mounted Police grabbed the subpoena out of his hand, read it and gave it back to him, then told him it was against the law to serve a subpoena in a Canadian Court House and he was breaking the law. They told him he had no jurisdiction or authority in Canada and to take his subpoena and he knew what he could do with it. He was told to get the hell out of Canada or he’d be arrested.”
“That was Mr. Harkins. He never told us that and we didn’t know about it. He’s not here and I’m the fourth Postal Inspector to take this position since Mr. Harkins left. He won’t be attending your trial or will the others. It’ll be just me,” he said as he was wiping his hands.
My attorney stepped into the doorway and said to the Postal Inspector, “Do you know you’re not to be talking to my client?”
The Postal Inspector’s face turned red and he replied, “I’m sorry.”
My attorney said to me, “In a few minutes court will be starting and the Marshal will bring you in. I’ll be there waiting for you.”
After I washed my hands a Marshal came in and took me to the courtroom. The judge was there in his chamber and my attorney must have been talking to the prosecutor in another room. My oldest son, Boniface, came to court to give me moral support. He sat behind me and we got to visit a few minutes before court started. My attorney came in and as he came in so did others. As the judge entered from his chambers, a Marshal from behind us at the entrance of the courtroom shouted out, “We got our own Bambi from Canada. It took $7,000,000 and 11 trips to the Sault but we got him!”
“Who was Bambi?” Her full name was Lawrencia Bembenek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She broke out of detention and went to Thunder Bay, Ontario. She spent two years in Canada before she was extradited back to the United States.

When I came home from work that day, on August 25, 1987, I had no idea that my wife Ginny and I would be facing a five-year ordeal that would require all of our moral strength and courage before it was over.
This is our story of persecution, vendettas and the Web of Injustice Between Borders.

Price: $13.95(CDN)


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