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Brock and Becca Adventures in the Yukon (Soft Cover)

PageNo: 136

Brock and Becca Adventures in the Yukon (Soft Cover)
by Lois Marlatt, B.A., M.Ed.    « View this author's BIO

Our next stop was the McBride Museum. There was so much to see. We started outside in the yard.
Mom noticed a show was about to begin, so we waited on the benches in front of Sam McGee's cabin.
As we sat there, Mom said, 'I had better tell you about Sam. A man named Robert Service wrote a poem. It told a story about his friend, Sam McGee. The story was not true, but it was a funny poem. In it, he said Sam was from down south. Like many others, Sam had come north looking for gold. He was always complaining that he was cold. Well, when poor Sam knew he was dying, he got his friend to promise to keep his body warm. His friend found a furnace, and put Sam's body into it. That's called cremation. When the friend opened the furnace door to see if the body had burned up, as it should have, he saw Sam sitting in there with the fire all around him. Sam was not even burned. He was smiling. He was happy. He had finally got warm.'
'That's silly,' Becca said. 'No one can sit in a fire, and not get burned.'
'That's true, dear,' Mom answered, 'but this was just a make-believe story written as a poem. It was so well written and funny, people liked it. The poem and old Sam became famous. This is the cabin where Sam and his wife actually lived.'
It was not very big, and I asked Mom what it would be like inside.
'I'm just guessing because I haven't seen it, but probably it is just one room,' she replied.

Recommended for ages 6-10
Brock and Becca enjoy many adventures in the Yukon. They see lots of wild animals and birds, and none of them are in cages.
Two flat tires at the same time on a lonely highway was a worry, but Mom's disappearance was of greater concern. A helicopter ride to a glacier was really exciting. Panning for gold and finding some helped the children to understand why miners were willing to risk their lives in the 'Gold Rush' of the late 1800's.
The Yukon - What a wonderful, wild part of Canada!

Your children will learn about Canada while being entertained with interesting and exciting stories in the Brock and Becca series.

Price: $12.95(CDN)


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