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Published in Print
Vow Of Friendship (Soft cover)

PageNo: 274

Vow Of Friendship (Soft cover)
by Sheryl Fletcher    « View this author's BIO

Karen stood in front of me staring at my candy. 'What?' I asked her. She moved closer to me. 'I dare you to put one of those sour suckers in your pocket.' 'What?' I asked shocked. I looked behind me to see if anyone overheard her. 'Are you serious?' 'Yeah,' she said with an evil grin on her face. 'Or are you too scared?' 'No, I'm not scared,' I said defensively. 'But I don't steal. I don't care if you dare me to or not.' I turned around to walk to the cash and bumped into Tracy. My candy fell on the floor. I bent down and quickly picked it up. 'What's the matter?' she asked looking down at me. 'I dared Tissy to steal a sour sucker and she won't,' Karen told Tracy. She folded her arms in front of her and put her hand up to the corner of her mouth and whispered, 'She's too chicken.' 'I don't steal,' I repeated. I stood up. 'Why? Do you guys steal?' 'I would if I was dared,' Tracy said, shrugging her shoulders. 'But no one has ever dared me to steal before.' I was shocked! I'd never stolen in my life. Well, actually I stole once before but I was only six years old. I stole a doll dress from a girl I used to play with named Sandy Munden. I loved the dress so much that I had to have it. So I waited until Sandy left the room and shoved it down the front of my shorts. When I got home, I put it on my doll but it didn't look as pretty as it had on Sandy's doll. I never slept the entire night because I worried she would notice the dress missing and call the police. The next day I returned to her house and slipped the dress back into the trunk full of clothing. From that day I swore I'd never steal again. I walked quickly to the cash and laid my candy on the counter. I stared straight ahead and waited for Tracy and Karen to place their candy on the counter beside mine. They did. I paid for everything and left the store. I wasn't in the mood to talk to either of them. Boy, did I regret asking them to sleep over. I should have invited Anna and Rachel instead. We would have had a much better time. 'Wait up, Tissy,' Tracy said, running beside me. 'Why are you mad at us?' I stopped and turned to face them. 'Look,' I said, angrily. 'I don't steal! If you guys want to, then go ahead. Just don't do it with me around and don't do it from my favorite store.' 'I don't steal,' Tracy said, 'I just said that if anyone dared me to then I might.' 'Lots of people do,' Karen interrupted. 'I know people who steal and so does my sister.' 'Do you?' I asked her point blank. She smiled and looked at Tracy. 'I might,' she said proudly. I turned and continued walking. After a few minutes, I slowed down enough to allow them to catch up but they remained behind. I couldn't hear much of what they were saying and I didn't really care. I wasn't as angry with Tracy because she hadn't really done anything wrong. She was just being her normal self. It was Karen I was really angry with. I didn't believe her when she said she knew people who stole. She just says things to try and impress people. When we arrived back to my house, I gave my mother her change from the money and went to my room. I had no intentions of telling her what had happened. My parents had talked to Mark and me about stealing. I knew how much trouble I'd get in. Plus, I didn't want my mother to think that any of my friends stole.

Recommended for ages 10-16
VOW OF FRIENDSHIP is the story of an 11 year-old girl, Christina ('Tissy') Matthews and her group of five friends, Rachel, Tracy, Anna, Karen, and Cameron. The story follows the group of friends through their grade six school year and how each deals with peer-pressure, an awakening interest in boys, their families and each other. Tissy learns some important life lessons after being mean to a 'nerdy' boy in school, egging a neighbour's house and being pressured to steal some candy. The group of friends manages to work through their many disagreements and although each member of the group is very different from the others, at the end of the school year they all take a Vow of Friendship to remain friends forever.

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