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Published in Print
Secrets I Know (Soft Cover)

PageNo: 330

Secrets I Know (Soft Cover)
by Sheryl Fletcher    « View this author's BIO

Rachel and I discussed the situation as we headed downtown after school. 'There is something odd,' I said. 'She's secretive about things.'
'Well, we don't know her very well yet,' Rachel said. 'Maybe she's just checking us out before she gets to know us. Then maybe she'll be more open about things.'
'Yeah,' I said, 'I guess you're right.'
The strangest thing happened after that. Rachel and I were enjoying our time, looking through the stores, when we spotted Lara and her mother. Lara was carrying a bag full of groceries from the market and her mother was slowly following behind her. At first, Lara didn't see us.
'Okay,' Rachel said. 'Now that's odd.'
'Is that her mother, do you think?' I asked.
The woman had to be her mother but she really didn't look like a mother or a nurse. Her hair was not combed and she was wearing a long, pale colored coat, which was tightly wrapped around her waist, like she was cold. They weren't talking but you could tell that Lara was walking slowly so that her mother could keep up. Finally, Lara spotted us. At first, she appeared shocked. She stopped walking and quickly looked back at her mother. Then she waved. We waved back.
'Should we go over and say hi?' Rachel asked.
'Um,' I had to think. 'I guess.'
Even though it felt awkward, Rachel and I crossed the street towards her. 'Oh, hi,' Lara said. She seemed kind of nervous. 'I just had to come down with my mom and get some food.'
'Oh, is that your mom?' Rachel asked, looking over her shoulder. Lara quickly moved in front of Rachel, blocking her mom. 'Yeah, she's tired, though, and she had a hard day,' she said.
'Well, we'll see you tomorrow then,' I said, not knowing what else to say. I peeked over her shoulder and looked at her mother. There was no resemblance at all. Her mother looked at least ten years older than mine. Her face was lined with lots of wrinkles and she wasn't wearing any make-up. She also looked sad or confused or something.
'We'll see you later then,' I said, grabbing Rachel's arm.
'Yeah, okay,' Lara said. She turned and walked back towards her mother. Then she took her arm and they began walking in the other direction.
'Whoa,' I said, when they were out of earshot. Rachel and I turned around and began walking arm in arm. 'That was so weird.'
'Do you know what I think?' Rachel said. 'I think her mother is sick.'

Recommended for ages 10-16
Tissy Matthews is excited about beginning grade 7 and hanging out with her friends. But she does worry what kind of teacher Mrs. Ward will be because she's heard that she loves nature a little too much. A new girl joins her class this year named Lara. Although Tracy and Karen immediately decide that Lara tries to act too old for her age, Tissy and Rachel take the time to get to know her. They include her in their activities and quickly discover that Lara is a lot of fun to be around. But signs of a stressed home life soon become obvious. Although Lara is very private about her personal life, Tissy can't help but wonder what is going on that Lara doesn't want to share with her friends. As their friendship strengthens, Lara becomes more comfortable with Tissy and eventually entrusts her with a secret she has never revealed before. As certain events unfold, Tissy's mother also feels it?s the right time to tell her something from the past leaving Tissy with "Secrets I Know."

Price: $13.95(CDN)


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