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Once Upon An Island (Soft cover)

PageNo: 203

Once Upon An Island (Soft cover)
by Marion Seabrook    « View this author's BIO

In the middle of the night, he woke up in a cold sweat. He had been dreaming, and his plan hadn?t worked. It brought him to a stark realization. Sometimes you can take care of the little details and let the big ones slip by. That?s what had happened in his dream. He had left the object on the body, and they had traced it to him. Mae would certainly recognize the tatted handkerchief and draw conclusions about the marionette, even if it weren?t hers. He could use one from the school, if he found one, or one from his drawer. But in order to have his seven, he would somehow have to get Mae?s. It was hard to say how smart she was. Once in a while she seemed to have a glimmer of intelligence. She just might get the connection. And if he left the knife, Sheila would be sure to make a case out of it. He hadn?t really worked out yet how he was going to leave an object on the body that was untraceable. But it was still all right. He had time, and the challenge was stimulating. He would put his mind to it and devise the perfect plan. He must keep foremost in his mind that this was not the Soo - this was Manitoulin. He tossed and turned for a little while, then fell into a dead sleep.

Winner Of The One Book Northern Ontario Must Read Contest 2004
Two story lines masterfully woven into a gripping tale of mystery and murder on Manitoulin Island.
The mystery taking place in the present is purely fictional and develops around an ex-convict determined to get his revenge on society by committing unsolvable crimes. He has had plenty of time in prison to develop an ingenious and complicated strategy that includes collecting objects which determine whom he kills, where he kills and when. He has determined his next victim will be on Manitoulin Island.
At one of the local auction sales he befriends two elderly ladies and is invited to stay with one of them. He is absolutely wonderful to her, and she finds in him the son she never had. He gains the confidence of the people in the community, taking part in projects and social activities.
Everything seems to be going along smoothly until his landlady catches him in a bold-faced lie and the two elderly ladies decide to take the matter into their own hands and see what he is up to--a decision they might live to regret.

Price: $19.95(CDN)


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