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Murder On The Lane (Soft cover)

PageNo: 301

Murder On The Lane (Soft cover)
by Verna Frampton Reid    « View this author's BIO

He gazed at me with a vacant expression as though he were miles and years away. For that brief moment, he was reliving the day his sister died and his face told of the agony he had felt. He shook his head as though to bring his mind back into focus. 'It was. It was horrible.'
It took only a few moments for the full impact of his recent statement to sink in. I knew, without a shred of doubt in my mind, that facing me now with a gun in his hand was the killer of John Adams. I knew I was looking at the gun I had seen in the field of death up the Lane. I knew it had seemed poetic justice to him to murder her lover with the same gun she had turned on herself.
I also knew I was in grave danger myself. If he had killed once, he would not hesitate to kill again. Once again I was acutely conscious of how isolated we were.
'And so you know,' he said, calmly. 'And now I must decide what to do about you. You've always looked into things that do not concern you. I knew you were trouble when I saw you in the library checking up on the history of the Lane. You were always up there looking at the field.'
I stared at him in disbelief. 'You were there? You were the man who was reading the same books I was?'
'Like you, I was interested in the area. You can guess why.'
Of course I could guess why. He had buried Adams's body there and subsequently found out the field was a First Nation's burial ground. I imagine he was wondering whether this was working for, or against him. There were so many questions that screamed for answers but I was increasingly fearful of what he planned to do with me now he had found out I knew he had some relationship with the murdered John Adams.
'Gord, this has all been very interesting but I really must be going. It's getting late and?' I made a move to rise once again and again he brandished the gun.
'No. I can't let you go,' he said firmly.
'Look,' I said, my temper rising, 'I came here in good faith. Now I'm going to leave whether you like it or not.'
He suddenly cocked his head to one side and went to look out the window overlooking the parking lot. 'No,' he repeated, returning to my side. 'I'm sorry to do this but I've no choice,' he said, raising the gun. I looked up in horror as he brought the weapon crashing down. The world disappeared in a shower of stars.

In the third book by Verna Reid in the Niagara Murder Mysteries Trilogy, the ever-resourceful Jenny Aldred finds herself in a situation from which she may not get out of alive. It all began with the discovery of a body in a field used as a burial ground for the First Nation warriors who fought in the War of 1812. But in that same desolate field, there was one body of a more recent vintage, and when it was uncovered, Staff Sergeant William Janes once again was involved with Jenny in tracing the horrific events that lead to death. The trail follows the winding Lundy's Lane, west to Highway 20 out of Niagara Falls, and eventually leads to a long-forgotten love affair in Toronto. The two protagonists become star-crossed lovers in this exciting story of murder and suicide, as Janes becomes interested in the beautiful physiotherapist, Lee Monserra, and Jenny discovers handsome George Arkwright is not all he seems to be. It is only when Jenny's life is in danger that the unexpected solution is revealed.

Price: $13.95(CDN)


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